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Eating yourself away

bite by bite

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A safe place for those struggling with compulsive overeating.


This is a community for those struggling with overeating. The community mainly focuses on those suffering from COE and BED, but is open to others who are not diagnosed or who have a disordered way of eating. This is a safe place to talk about experiences, ask questions, discuss ways of getting healthier, and get support. This community is also open to those who are not sick themselves, but wish to learn more about it or have relatives/friends who are suffering.

Please understand that this is a community for those who are overeating, do not post about your "binge" if all you've had is an apple more than planned, normal meals are not binges. There will be zero tolerance towards bashing of overweight people, and we expect you to be respectful.

If you identify with what this community is about, then please join and tell us about yourself!
You may also post articles or art related to the topic, or simply share your life.

Feel free to contact the maintainer if you have any questions.

  • Be respectful and nice to other members. Being rude repeatedly can get you banned.

  • Post big pictures behind a cut.

  • There is no need to post your stats. People of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

  • We only support HEALTHY weightloss. Members promoting weight loss by restricting and other dangerous behaviour will be removed from the community.